The History of the R & R Ranch


It all began in 1991 with a desire to serve the Lord however we could. Thoughts ran through our heads such as providing a place where Christians could go when they needed a place to stay, helping troubled youth and several other ideas.

We researched and prayed and finally in 1997 decided to step out and create the non-profit corporation of The R & R Ranch and Education Center, Inc.

The Lord led us to and enabled us to buy a 40 acre parcel of land in Willcox, Arizona in 1998. By 1999 we were more or less set up and John began working as a youth pastor at a local church.

We learned to listen to the Lord as He seemed to be telling us not to limit what we wanted to do and over the next several years we:

* Had youth come out to the property to work off community service hours.

* Provided respite care for youth.

* Provided transportation to medical appointments to the elderly.

* Provided financial assistance to people for medical bills and prescriptions.

* Developed a music ministry and began ministering in the nursing homes.

* Provided lodging for parole who was a Christian.

* Provided employment opportunities for ex-cons.

* Began providing scholarships to young people from the community attending Christian Colleges.

And much more!

The R & R Ranch operates solely on donations from those like yourself and provides complete statements for your deductible gifts at the end of the year.


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